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We released our first material on 18th December 2014.












Back in 1982 Cosmic Gold was originally intended as the theme song for a science fiction movie of the same name. Due to legal reasons the project came to a complete and permanent halt after only two weeks of shooting. The movie was scrapped and the track forgotten.


In late 2010 a remastered version of the track resurfaced on the web, stirring up public interest. Love Machine found the track on youtube, and although the clip showed a piece of vinyl being played, no vinyl had ever been pressed. They contacted the mysterious 0x51d and struck gold, literally. This is the first pressing of the never before released track.


Love Machine played the original track to Ashley Beedle, who loved it so much he offered to remix it with Darren Morris, as Africanz on Marz,. The result is a 11 minute, no-nonsense, galactic monster, which they have suggested you file it under “Dark Sci-fi Space Disco”.
















To ensure a high quality reproduction, the project was mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering and pressed by Optimal on 180g vinyl. The sleeve features an original illustration and silk screened in gold on a black sleeve. There will be a limited run of 300 copies.


If you have anything that you think we will be interested in, then please feel free to get in touch.



love machine sound system


I am incredibly enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction.


Over the past ten years I have worked within Lucky Cloud Sound System, helping to pull together the Journey Through the Light parties (the UK's version on David Mancuso's NYC Loft party). I have learned the value of an audiophile sound system and its affect on a dance floor. Initally I was overwhelmed by the level of clarity and detail the system presented. Over time I also learned that dancers became locked into the sound for longer periods, primarily as they are not suffering with ear fatigue.













As a DJ and a dancer the ability to positively engage a dance floor is one of the most critical elements of a good night. Sound provokes primal responses in human behaviour. When acoustics are good we don’t notice them, but when they are bad a range of negative psychological and physiological responses can be induced. At best it is hard to communicate, at worst a fight/flight reflex can be activated. The more transient a night becomes, the less likely you will engage and commit to future nights.


So my objective is to make available a sound system that can be hired, tailored to the acoustic requirements of any venue, is robust enough to be mobilised, can be used by DJ’s and most importantly, presents the audience with a clearer listening experience.


love machine gatherings


Following a weekend gathering during the summer of 2013 we decided to mobilise.


The Love Machine is pushing forward to enable the discerning party persons of this planet to come together on an adhoc basis, to listen and lose themselves within music through a decent sound system, within a decent venue.


Showing kindness and interest in our fellow travellers is our mantra. We strive to present you with the ability to be free within a space, without prejudice, shaking off all inhibition.














Pushing upwards and promoting each other at every opportunity, the Love Machine will turn us on to understanding one another and provide us with a platform to build as a community.


In our first year we have been blessed with the likes of Thom Bullock, Cosmo, Phil Mison, Nick the Record, Joe's Bakery, Soft Rocks, Ray Mang, Jan Hammered and Matthew Burgess, plying us with their rhetoric of aural pleasures.




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