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love machine sound system...a passion for listening to music clearly


Within my journey I have summoned the unrivalled advice of Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy (Classic Album Sundays), Andrew Pirie (Melting Pot) and Justin Greenslade (Isonoe). Their assistance has enabled me to drive quality into the front-end of the system and then integrate this into one of the best loudspeaker/amplifier systems available.


Exciting developments are continuously being made to the improve the system.



If you are interested in hiring the love machine sound system please get in touch. We are able to provide the system with or without amplifiers and loudspeakers.


As part of the hire we are also available to assist with the set-up and throughout the night, to make any minor tweaks.


front end, today:

• Technics SL-1210's MK3, fully modified by Isonoe, including:

o External Isonoe Linear Regulated Power Supply

c/w PowerBlack double shielded Mains Cable back to mains

o Isonoe Tone Arms

o CNC-machined bases

o Full Re-Wire

o Isonoe Isolation Feet

o Isonoe Sorbothane Boots

o Michell Engineering Rega 3-Point VTA Adjusters

o Audio Technica ATP-2XN carts (DJ friendly)

o Funkfirm Achromats

• Heed Questar MM Phono Stages

o c/w QED Signature Interconnects

• Auralex ISO-Tone DJ Isolation Platforms

• Isol-8 MiniSub 2 Mains Conditioning

o c/w PowerBlack double shielded Mains Cable back to mains

• Isol-8 MiniSub Power Line Mains Conditioning

o c/w PowerBlack double shielded Mains Cable back to mains

• Mogami XLRF - XLRM Cable from mixer to amplifer (3m)


front end, future developments:

• Isonoe Table Top Rotary Mixer (very soon)

• Ravioli Vibration Control

• Heed Questar MM Phono Stage Power Supplies


amplifiers & loudspeakers:

By linking up up with a network of reputable suppliers we are able to build a system to match the environment.


d&b Audiotechnik operates internationally in the field of electroacoustics as a manufacturer of loudspeaker systems and electronics for high quality speech and music reproduction or sound reinforcement in public places.


Right from the outset the d&b Audiotechnik approach is to build integrated sound reinforcement systems that are more than the sum of their parts. Each element (loudspeakers, control electronics and mechanical accessories) is tightly specified, precisely aligned and carefully integrated to achieve maximum possible performance.


The Q-Series embodies the d&b holistic approach to sound reinforcement solutions. It combines a variety of technologies with remarkable results, as well as maintaining the maxims of the d&b System reality.


The exceptional Q factor symbolises the precise dispersion control to very low frequencies and for the size and weight they produce surprisingly high sound pressure levels. Control of dispersion behaviour is a particular fixation at d&b, while at the same time keeping the size and weight of systems to an absolute minimum.


The Q-Series maintains the ”d&b specific” combination of a neutral, intelligible sound character that is clear and transparent even at high sound pressure levels.


The d&b dual channel amplifiers realise the complete system. They incorporate d&b loudspeaker specific configuration information and have analog and digital signal inputs and links.


These amplifiers utilise Digital Signal Processing and include switchable functions for precisely tailoring system response for a wide variety of applications. A user definable 4-band parametric equalizer and a delay capability is provided in every amplifier channel to reduce the need for external processing devices.


The D12 amplifier additionally offers a 2-Way Active mode and a MIX TOP/SUB output configuration, output connector options.


getting the design right: (nerd glasses required)

Dependent on the application, it is possible to visualise and auralise the acoustics of a space using Ray-tracing, which ensures correct loudspeaker employment.


Ray-tracing is a way of following the sonic energy that is emitted through a space and will help to determine what problematic frequencies need to be dealt with and/or if any sound baffling needs to be employed.


Rays are traced to generate an impulse response, which represents the decay of sonic energy in time at the place of the listener. The impulse responses are generated for three separate frequency bands, because material and air absorption parameters are different in respect to different wavelengths.


Alternatively, we can utilise software to simulate the interior acoustics of a space. Given the geometry and surface-properties, the acoustics can be predicted, illustrated and listened to. Sound reinforcement can then be easily integrated within the acoustic predictions.


The beauty of a d&b System is that it is flexible and can be effortlessly built and scaled to suit each application. By completing a survey of the site upfront and completing our electro-acoustic design, we ensure the intelligibility of the system is optimised.


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